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Qoppa is not Qiqqa, but it is on sale via Bits du Jour


Every now and then I visit Bits du Jour to see if anything interesting is on sale for the day - - and today I saw that Qoppa PDF Studio Pro 2018 is on offer.

So I was planning to tell you guys, and to add a link to the thread here on DC where we previously were talking about Qoppa. We were discussing it, weren't we. Do you remember it as vivid as I do?

So I searched for that thread. Hm... no result! Odd, I specifically remember this weird name, Qoppa, yeah. Qoppa and something pdf.

So why didn't the search engine give me something adequate?! Just maybe the name Qoppa was not included, but only the application's name, PDF Studio? No, no relevant search result.

I got angry: Who authored this search engine that wouldn't give me what I wanted?!

I began scrolling very long lists of posts including words like pdf editor and related stuff - anger can give you an enormous portion of long-lasting energy!

Finally I found what I (thought I) was looking for, except,  :-[  the word was not Qoppa, but Qiqqa!  :-[ 
and it was not a pdf editor, but a pdf manager: (freeware)

This was one of the extremely few times in life that I was wishing for the automated suggestion Did you mean...?
Yes, Google, I meant Qiqqa, not Qoppa!

I am no longer angry. I am cool. However, it seems I am also old and forgetful.

All this just to say that Qoppa is a fine PDF editor, and at $51.60 the PRO is very fine priced, today. Normal price is $129, so it's 60% off

PDF Studio Available On More Platforms & Devices Than Any Other PDF Editor!-Qoppa
--- End quote ---



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