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Fullscreen DiscoLight with a custom palette


Hello donationcoders,

I want to turn my second monitor into a discolight:
It should show different custom colors fullscreen, fade transitions and speed are welcome, but not important.


No one has answered this yet? Maybe as a more general question you would be interesting in general apps that can display visual patterns or designs and screens for use in a visual show, and maybe folks have some suggestions for that?

I remember having such a feature on my PlayStation one. Where I first needed to load a disc with the software for generating the patterns and then a music CD to make the patterns (and path of the camera) move/change to the rhythm of the music.

While that might not be the exact thing requested by Rockets, that stuff was only fun for a rather short while. Something similar could be achieved by turning the volume completely down, then you would still have the "randomness" in the patterns, but not the sound of the music.

If memory serves me, was there not a plugin for music players, like WinAmp, called: Milkdrop (or something like that)? That should cover most, if not all, of the requested features.


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