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"File Size" Not Increasing As It Should Be

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A lot of people are complaining about this out there, I see.  Just wondering what you folks have to say on the issue.

Given:  I have a 'process' executing.  And an Explorer window open, to monitor a folder that is supposed to be 'populated' with the results of 'process.'  A file exists there which is supposed to grow in size.

Existing file: XXYY.xxyy
Existing file size: 0 bytes

I'm expecting said file to increase.  12kb.  130kb.  256kb.  etc.

After an hour the file still remains at 0 bytes.

That is, in Explorer.  The little Explorer window I have open to watch it.

Yet, the actual fact of the matter is, the file HAS been growing.  Is now growing.  Is around 5 megabytes in size.  And growing still.

Yet Explorer continues to show the file as 0 bytes in size.

So..., out there in cyberland, various solutions to this issue have been proposed.

I'm wondering what your take is.


Nicholas Kormanik

Nick, since you put this in the Coding Snack section, was this question in relation to a past Coding Snack?  If not, which application are you referencing?  Also, if not related to a Coding Snack, do you mind if we move this post to a more relevant section?

so are you refreshing that explorer window while your watching it?  Those windows are static and won't show any changes until refreshed (F5)

Perhaps best to move to more relevant section, Skwire.

Solution to issue, my hunch is, a small alternative to Explorer, that can dig in to the actual size, and has a refresh button.  Periodically press refresh to see updated sizes of files in particular folder.

Not sure that such program exists.

I actually noticed this happening very recently, where even refreshing the current file explorer panel was still showing 0 as the file was being incrementally written over a long time.  This is not how I remember things behaving, so perhaps it is a recent issue on windows..


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