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T-Clock mostly obscured by black rectangle

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Since moving to Win10, T-Clock has been intermittently been partially (but mostly) obscured by a black rectangle in the bottom right of the screen. The first digit of the time and the first 2.5 characters of the day-of-the-week are visible to the left of this rectangle. The problem occurs at startup, can generally be fixed by rebooting, but eventually reoccurs (after further reboots).

Oddly enough, on attempting a screen-grab of the problem, the rectangle appears as transparent/'blank' (at least in the editor), rather than black:
T-Clock mostly obscured by black rectangle

T-Clock version is "T-Clock Redux x64 - 2.4.4 build 492"

That's odd. I never had any problem with T-Clock (Win10-64 Pro or earlier). It starts at windows startup, automatically.
I am using T-Clock v2.4.4.492 also.

As to the black rectangle, I have no idea.
I sometimes find that other proggies can leave residual artefacts like that, when they have had some kind of non-terminal error (e.g., FARR occasionally does it). Terminating and restarting them usually fixes it.
Could it be the residue of a "toaster" notification box?

When I have problems with Notifcation icons not appearing (or not properly) in the Systray, I usually find that terminating/restarting explorer.exe can clear it. It might help with the T-Clock window also.
There's an explorer.exe restarter utility from Windows Club I use for that, but there's one (or used to be) from NirSoft also.

Where you wrote that "The problem occurs at startup", I wasn't sure whether you meant startup of Windows or of T-Clock.
Does simply terminating/restarting T-Clock not help?

There's an explorer.exe restarter utility from Windows Club I use for that, but there's one (or used to be) from NirSoft also.
[...]-IainB (December 02, 2018, 12:45 AM)
--- End quote ---
T-Clock can do that too :P If you Ctrl+Right-Click it. Though it can be pretty slow as explorer sometimes hates to quit properly...

Anyway, @Hrafn
When did you move to Windows 10?
What did you use to capture the "screenshot"?
T-Clock seems to be correctly positioned, but there's this "black" rectangle, correct? The "Notifications" button is visible right next to it?
Also, what happens when you click on either the "black" rectangle or the visible part of T-Clock?
How does the mouse-over look, will it also clip where the rectangle is?

Ever tried to Right-Click T-Clock and use "Refresh T-Clock"?
Restarting T-Clock or the Explorer (eg. through the way mentioned above) should "fix" it without requiring to reboot.

Sorry for the delay, I had to wait for the anomaly to reoccur (some days it does, some days it doesn't).

September this year.
<Print screen> key, then
Correct. I believe I hid or turned off the 'Notifications' button soon after I installed Windows 10 (it was just notifying me of inane trivia). The button immediately to the left of T-Clock is the Network button.
Mouseover gives the full date, same for both obscured and unobscured part.
"Refresh T-Clock" makes no difference.
Restarting T-Clock makes no difference. Restarting Explorer with explorestart.exe makes no difference.

I think the Notifications & restarting bits are covered above.
I start T-Clock with Windows (there's just a few seconds of the default Windows clock), and the problem appears to occur immediately on T-Clock loading.

Thanks for replying. I actually begin to remember seeing something like that too...
Though I suspect it has to do with the hidden notifications button. Will hide it on my end for now, so I might or might not experience the same soon :P


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