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Why AdGuard? Why do they detect ad-blockers to begin with?

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Since my question in the discount section was not answered:

"Re AdGuard: Since it's by subscription, can anybody confirm that it allows for viewing/browsing main "newspaper" and other propaganda sites which systematically leave you out if you use the usual adblocker (e.g. Adblock, Adblock Plus), and if so, which ones (and understood of course that you do NOT make an "exception")?

If there is some link to something potentially important, I open it then in Edge instead of FF, but I don't browse such sites anymore.

If the above is not the case, why is AdGuard so well regarded her in this forum? Since Adblock Plus works fine, too, for the sites remaining for me. Is it just because of "for once, the developer gets paid!"? Well, Adblock Plus's one gets paid, too - some call that extortion, but he wins the actions against him, up to now.

So I would really be interested in some pertinent information, and ideally along the lines, "is not blocked by adblocker-blocking sites, for most of them.""

So, what the heck with a paid / subscription ad-blocker, since the others work well, except for being detected by more and more sites?

Or in other words, yes, a non-(frequently) detectable ad-blocker would be worth its money again!

But then, why is that so difficult, since even with the usual ad-blockers of today, the whole crap is downloaded to your system first, THEN only your ad-blocker begins it discarding work?

It might help if you provided some links to some "newspaper" or "propaganda" sites which prevent access due to ad blockers so people here can test them and let you know.

I use uMatrix in FF. All news site open just fine. uMatrix blocks any or all of the following ads/scripts/media/images/frame/css/xhr in any of the combinations you configure it to. And it does so per website. I am barely bothered by any ad, cookie, tracker scripts, (external) images etc.

Don't know why people keep bothering so much with ad-blocker this or that. In my anecdotal experience, uMatrix has all of them beat. Yes, all those items being blocked can lead to layout mishaps and some things might not function as you would expect. But then you can start enabling items in the matrix until the site and/or functionality works again and store those settings. And you can do this per website. All that configuring could be considered more of a job, instead of an easy-peasy solution, but I think the extra configuration work will be to your benefit in the end.

I visit a lot of Dutch newspaper web sites, so checking those would be useful to no-one, except for fellow Dutchies or Flemiings here in the forum. Also, whenever it is possible, I do not click on the 'Accept cookies' button from a web site. On some sites that stops a lot of scripts running in the background as well.

Thank you, both of you, and as always, Shades' contributions really constructive!

"Also, whenever it is possible, I do not click on the 'Accept cookies' button from a web site." - I said so here, some weeks ago, in some other context, complaining about the fact that then, often, just 2/3, or even just the half of the screen height is left for my reading! ;-(

As for propaganda sites (formerly "Newspapers" ' sites) I don't have access without allowing ads: (Springer for the masses, but for the "very latest news", i.e. the things that have happened within the very last 2 hours or so, they're often really informative; the alternative for this being, though - but then, no day without "royals" et al. on, and that makes me vomit) (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 30 years ago, that was the best (continental) European newspaper, together with Le Monde, at the time; both are finished now as serious information sources) (Süddeutsche Zeitung, informally "Prantl-Prawda", was very good, too, before Prantl as editor-in-chief) (Der Spiegel, world-best news-weekly 30 years ago; at the time, Der Spiegel was sufficient reason for some to learn German, not kidding! - their incredible, mythical, multi-km-broad archives were the starting point for my interest in information management / technology; today, their site - the printed publication remains slightly more acceptable in parts - is almost-pure propaganda shit; it's from Bertelsmann, the censorship specialists - not kidding here either, they've made a business model out of censoring)

So why my interest in these sites then? Since the above leaves me with for getting some Germany-specific news, and the latter is a brainwashing site for 5-year-olds.

Again, I think a good ad-blocker should SIMULATE that the ads have been displayed, or then, stop any page-specific feedback altogether / send false data back.

Not knowing about AdGuard's possible advantages over the "free" alternatives. Again setting up an alternative system for such crap use like trialing software; my XP on that one just not being successful anymore with most modern software; last time I had bought a cheap W7 Pro version from some British crook, it seemed to work fine, I left a nice appreciation for the (commercial) vendor, and then, after some 30 days, my W7 stopped working, the MS screen telling me it wasn't legitimate, and then the vendor never wrote back upon my several reminders.

So never leave positive appreciations for somebody on ebay before 55 days!

(Currently installing some cheap W10 Pro version from some German commercial vendor (English version again - with any other version you just multiply problems of all kinds, not the least not remembering by which search terms you'll get help) just asking me to pay again by PayPal, after me having paid by PayPal upon purchase - let's see if PayPal took the money and ran, or if just vendor's accounting is shit.)

(I have to admit that when installing-activating the Brit W7, I had not thought about setting my VPN to Minuscule Britain, assuming MS - which doesn't pay much taxes within the EU but presumably insists on "users" only using their OS within the country of original commercialization - stops W versions if they detect they've left their "original" country, so this time, for activation of my new "alternative W10" now, I'll set it to Germany then; if after that, they even check for use later use, I'll be probably screwed again, sooner of later, not remembering to do ALL web access by alleged-German VPS afterwards, should certainly make it the default setting to begin with, in order to minimize risks...)

(So much info is floating around; in real life, you just happen to not remember all of it at every little moment.)

Again, I think a good ad-blocker should SIMULATE that the ads have been displayed, or then, stop any page-specific feedback altogether / send false data back.

-ital2 (December 05, 2018, 02:48 AM)
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One reason that they don't do this is bandwidth.  They tout saving bandwidth because they never actually touch the asset.


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