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Update: - Made adjustment to hotkey code, updated Action icon on tray menu

Update: - Fixed bug where action would not save

Another idea, add "Auto-Start-At-Boot" option, to have it automatic loaded when windows starts.

Exclusion-List, there i would suggest a major-change what better fit to that function:
instead of classname/window-title, please switch to a process-selector, that would help for games (and others) much more!
(ie: Enter exe-Name and Select Process as option replacement for the [Add] popup-menu.)



and thank you for continue updating/fixing it, i like your way of how-to-get classname.

@KodeZwerg - I can add the auto-start to the next update. Not sure I'll be able to add the add process option (exe) as that is difficult to get the EXE name from the window in the programming language I am using .

I guess you and me thought in different directions, what I meant is pretty easy to implement (at least in my delphi language, whats yours?), a simple listbox where all current running processes are listed, like TaskMgr.exe does but simplified to .exe name. I hope this was more understandable.
And the current editbox where i can enter "ClassName" would just get a new label like ".exe Name"

There no need to do "where is mouse / under what control / wich handle etc etc etc" action.

I guess we do differ programm such things at all.
My way would be that: (just as a suggestion)
collect all running processes
enumerate all handles and compare them with processes (this way a few hundret handles are sieved and only the good ones remain)
at that point i would have valid handle for mainthread, classname for mainthread and pid collected.
with all three informations together, there is everything possible you need, like window-title, child windows, process-memory and and and =)
with the pid i would realize minimize/send close message command

If you need, I could show you as Delphi code by just using WinApi (what should be valid to all languages)
Since that said, it awoke my interest and i start code a small demo :-)
Code would contain function like "HandleToPID" and "PIDToHandle" stuff, that way all can be easy converted for proper usage like MSDN suggest.

You already done a cool job, I just can repeat myself  :Thmbsup:

And if I sound rough pardon me, take this just as a suggestion not as a "do like i say" :-*


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