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Maxthon 2.0 Invitation

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Take the Maxthon survey, Receive a Maxthon 2.0 passport invitation as a "thank you"

List of new features
--- End quote ---

Think Maxthon is still the best Multi Browser AddOn on the net !!

Maxthon 2.0 is nice, but they got rid of several key features from the 1.0 series. The one I miss the most is CTRL+TAB and CTRL+SHIFT+TAB for tab navigation. This is a standard key combo in every other tabbed browser, and now they changed it to CTRL+LEFT and CTRL+RIGHT, which is ok if you dont mind it, but I prefer being able to use one hand to navigate tabs.

It is still a preview
I think in Final version you can setup the keyboard  shortcuts for your own

thanks for the info, masu.

er, might be a dumb question, but do i need the new internet explorer 7 to be able to run the new maxthon - they look very similar.

i love maxthon but i'll keep away from trying the new version just yet if it means installing the new ie7.

now off to fill in the survey...

NO, it works with IE6


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