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Send call commands to skype with FARR... skype:+1555-555-5555?call

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The other trick, if the $$1 string has characters that aren't being encoded right, would be to try $$u1 or $$h1 instead of $$1.

mouser, it could help users if there were more examples on this help page
Also consider adding a tip there about the $$u1 or $$h1 variables or a link to that information.

Thanks very much for the team work on this! I got it working... here are my settings:

Alias Name
skype call

Regular Expression
^call (.*)$

Result ( update your path to your skype location )
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Skype for Desktop\Skype.exe --_="skype:$$h1?call"



By the way you could change your alias result to display a bit nicer by changing the result to

"Skype call $$1 | C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Skype for Desktop\Skype.exe --_="skype:$$h1?call"

That stuff before the | is what is displayed in the results window.


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