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good addition to find and run robot or not?

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The layout may be a little  different ;) , but I solved this problem in NANY 2016.

Please check here:

You can open any file in different programs using one user defined alias.

It can show a list of multiple programs depending on the extension of any file.

The list of programs appears when you append <space><dot> to the file name in the search field.

you can also define a program like notepad to open any file.
-wjamoe (January 01, 2016, 01:54 PM)
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Thank you for this suggestion… Evidently I missed the notification of your response a couple years ago…  I checked at the link that you provided but did not see a downloadable plug-in… Is this a plug-in or just some methods for tweaking the aliases? Has anybody done a little video to watch alias/regular expression beginners through this type of thing?

Thanks very much for any suggestions.

Is this a plug-in or just some methods for tweaking the aliases?
-Saturday24 (November 27, 2018, 06:26 PM)
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It's an alias. Here is a shorter instruction on how to set it up.

Begin to create a new alias and enter these details:

alias name: file extension menu

regex pattern: ^((.+)\\(.+)\.(\S+))\s+\.(.*)$

regex result filter: $$5 $$4

[Enter] run default prog for -file.$$4 | shellexe $$1
[Enter]  VLC (mkv;avi;mp4) | %programfiles%\vlc\vlc.exe "$$1"
[Enter] / IRFANview -file.$$4 | %programfiles%\irfanview\i_view32.exe "$$1"
[Enter] notepad npp -file.$$4 | c:\windows\notepad.exe "$$1"


Note: You can pick and choose which results lines you want to use from the rightmost column in the largest table in this post
Or create your own using the same pattern.

Once set up use it this way
- Do a regular FARR search.
- Navigate down into the results window and select the file you want to operate on.
- Press Right Arrow Key to fill the FARR search box with the full path to the selected file.
- Press Space followed by . (period).

The FARR results should now list the different actions you can take on the file. Here is how that looks in my FARR.

edit: you can filter the results list of actions by continuing to type characters exclusive to one of the results lines. For example type npp to only show the open with Notepad action.

At least the above steps is how I think it is meant to be used, from a very quick test. I don't use it myself.

You know, this got me thinking I could create an AutoHotkey helper script that does something similar but which also autofilters and ranks the actions based on file extension, parent folder etcetera. A tiny FARR for choosing what action to take on a FARR result, sort of. :D

Thanks very much for the detailed instructions!


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