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NANY 2019 - Android App - Fasting Schedule

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@mouser: You want feedback on a dieting app.?    :o

Thanks. I'll check it out and your other apps there. I am starting a simple fast of my none active (sports or weights) day which is Tue.  I just fast until dinner which is probably like 18ish hrs. Mon midnight to Tue 6pm.

Well I was hoping for a simpler setup. IE Last time you had something to eat. To force the idea of waiting till that many hours have past. This is more of a strict eating schedule.

Went to When last app as that is more set up for  what I was looking for.

I have 2 other fasting/eating apps that do not enforce strict schedules -- see if one of those is more to your liking:


New article showing that intermittent fasting schedule improve health and weight loss:

On the entire planet earth there are only 10 users of my Fasting Schedule app..  Can it really be that useless  :mad:


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