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NANY 2019 - Android App - Fasting Schedule

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I plan to release 1 or 2 more "experimental" diet apps -- or perhaps more accurately, restricted eating apps.
I already have two (Feast Day Fast Day, and Feast Decreaser).

The new ones will just be me experimenting with different systems for restricted caloric intake / intermittent fasting, which has shown health benefits and increased longevity.

Fasting Schedule:

Fasting Schedule is a minimalist dieting application for facilitating reduced-caloric intake, by allowing you to set up a daily time schedule for when you can eat vs when you should be fasting. It should run nicely on any screen size.

This app is similar to my others, but is designed for people who want a regular schedule of periods of eating and fasting (or restricted caloric intake).  You just configure the schedule specifics and that's it.   It would normally be used to set up a daily schedule but you could span a week of time if you wanted to have full days of fasting, etc.

I'd love to get any feedback from users..

Updated with lots of improvements, most noticeably the option to configure (push) notification alerts as your different modes are coming to an end.

No one interested in this?


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