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Visual Outliner Rapid Idea Organization Software

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Hello DonationCoder Folks,

We would like to announce our brand new software, The Visual Outliner:

* It's a fast, easy and fun hierarchical multi-level outliner for Windows.
* If you like the Omni Outliner for Mac, Visual Outliner is a great alternative for Windows.
* It feels like you are writing on Notepad, but with automatic outlining functionally.
* You can easily drag-and-drop outline entries all around the document. Try to do that with MS Word.
* If you don't like the mouse, there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts.
* You can quickly build your own theme with the theme composer. 
* It uses OPML as the native file format. It can export to plain text, html and markdown.
* It supports Tags, Notes, Hyperlinks, Task Tracking.
* The special feature, The Bucket of Ideas, can help you organize your brainstorming.

We strongly believe that our tool can help you with brainstorming and idea organization. It's the in-house tool that we ourselves use on a daily basis to develop our own algorithms and documentation.

Check it out at:

Charities are welcome! We are the developers of GoalEnforcer (mentioned in this forum a few times) and we've been helping lots of charities getting organized over the years.
Visual Outliner Rapid Idea Organization Software
Visual Outliner Rapid Idea Organization Software   

At one place, your site says download the free version- in the other case, it's the free demo.  Is it meant to be a demo?  Or a free version?  And what are the differences?

Thank you for your feedback Wraith

Free DEMO => You can check all features, there is no limitation, there is no time limit, however you cannot save.

Free Trial => You usually have all features, you can save your projects, but it works for a limited time.

Free Version => It has reduced functionality, but you can save your projects and it works forever.

We've just released Visual Outliner, and we are now offering a "Free DEMO." We'll soon release a "Free Version" (next month), and maybe a  "Free Trial" in the future.

Just reminding you that we offer 60 day money back money back guarantee, so if it doesn't fit your needs you can ask for your refund.

Also announcing that we are currently offering a Black Friday Special (50% discount). Just visit this page:

and enter code BFD18 during checkout. (valid until 11/26/2018)

I'll make sure the website demo version wording gets fixed. Thank you!

What is the 'reduced functionality' of the free version?  That's not spelled out anywhere on the site.

We don't have a free version yet, that's coming in December.
We have a DEMO version right now, which includes all the functionality except "save."
I will announce the 'reduced functionality' of the free version by the time it's released.


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