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How to find the file of a saved Snapchat video?



How to find the file of a saved Snapchat video?
Search results only show how to save a video someone sent you on Snapchat.

Also, how do I start camera in RedMi Pro 3 since the icon has been deleted? Also how do I restore the icon?
Search results only show camera tricks.


If you know around which time you saved the video, you could do a generic file search for files being created/modified around that time. The search results should show the file size and where they are located. If an unclear name or extension is used for the actual video file,  the file size and location could help you identify which file is the video and copy/move it to a more memorable location on your drive, the cloud or whatever.

Are you sure the camera app in the RedMi phone hasn't been removed (unintentionally)?

When you long press a photo in Snapchat you select Save to Camera Roll, video will probably be the same.

Then open Google's Photo app, switch to albums, and there should be one called Snapchat.

From memory, MIUI has no app drawer, everything is tossed onto the home screens ala iPhone. You just have to find the camera app since you can't delete it, being a system app.
If, however, the MIUI developers came to their senses and put apps in an app drawer like normal Android or you're using a launcher that has an app drawer, then look there.

Otherwise, install another camera app and use it instead.

It was accidentally in a folder, got it thanks!


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