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Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018

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pCloud is having a sale on lifetime storage.  They say 75%, but I think that's in comparison to the monthly cost.  It's really about 30% off normal lifetime costs.

$122.5 for 500GB or $245 for 2TB.  Comes with a similar amount of download traffic.  I've been happy with it. (referral link) or (non-referral)

AdGuard - 50% off, live

Air Explorer and Air Live Drive are with 50% discount. Bought me a second license of Air Explorer.

--- ---Special offer Black Friday until November 25th, 50% off for Air Live Drive and Air Explorer:

50% DISCOUNT for a Air Live Drive LIFETIME Pro license, If your are interested in a lifetime license you can get one now for only $9.5 (with a 50% discount) using this link:

Air Explorer 50% DISCOUNT now. If you are interested in a program to manage and synchronize all your files in multiple clouds (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) you can try Air Explorer:
Discount link:

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Air Live Drive Team


* Serif Affinity range - 30% off everything until 27th November 2018
* DxO photo editing software - 50% off all software between 22-26 November 2018
* Essential PIM (EPIM):
Discounts will be valid for 2 days and end on 24th of November.

* Pro with Lifetime updates at 40% discount.  Having Lifetime license ensures free updates forever.  $79.95 $47.95
* Pro with 2-year updates with $20 discount, 59.95 $39.95

Arizona Hot:
Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018

75% off on Inpaint and other utilities. See attached .pdf


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