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FARR helper script: Tab to toggle folders only search on/off


AutoHotkey script to make Tab button toggle folders search on/off in FARR by adding/removing +\ to the searchbox.

--- Code: Autohotkey ---#NoEnv#SingleInstance force ;FARR helper script;by nod5 181119;Press Tab to toggle search only folders;Note: Overrides FARR default Tab autocomplete hotkey #IfWinActive, ahk_exe FindAndRunRobot.exeTab::ControlGetText, farr, TEdit1, ahk_exe FindAndRunRobot.exefarr := InStr(farr, "+\") ? StrReplace(farr, "+\", "") : farr " +\"ControlSetText, Tedit1, % farr, ahk_exe FindAndRunRobot.exereturn#IfWinActive
FARR's default Tab shortcut autocompletes the selected results full path into the search box.

I never have use for that but often want to temporarily limit searches to folders only and pressing Tab (with this script running) is quicker than typing or removing +\ in the searchbox.

Very nice! I didn't know it would be possible to intercept and modify the text in an input box in that fashion.  Very neat.  :up:


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