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Backup and restore sound volume profiles


I have a 5.1 sound system.  I often adjust the volumes of the various speaker channels to give me the best sound for a given application - e.g. Netflix streaming, music player, You Tube videos, etc.  It's a pain to continually readjust each channel.  I'd like a way to make a sound setting, back it up, then reapply it when I need it.  I'd like to store several different profiles from which to select.  Can anyone pull this off?


Perhaps Sound Volume View ?

It allows you to Save/Load profiles.

1) Set all the volumes using the Windows Sound control panel.
2) Run Sound Volume View and save the current profile.
3) Do 1 and 2 as necessary for more profiles.
4) Create shortcut icons as follows, (rename the shortcuts to NetFlix, Youtube, etc):

Backup and restore sound volume profiles


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