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open IMDB Android app with search anyone?

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Anyone know how to open the IMDB Android App and search in one shot?

What I am doing now is typing
IMDB some search string

into a browser.  But that is losing out on the Android App altogether.  There must be some trick to open Android Apps with an argument.

I guess I miss the Windows "open with" type of deal.  All my devices are Android and I have not figured out how to avoid running an app and waiting for it to open so I can type in whatever I want it to do.  The newest Android I have is 6.0 so nougat and newer tricks will not work for me.  One of my tablets has Android 5 so if it worked from Lollipop up that would be ideal.

Android Project Tutorial | How to Develop IMDb App for Android ...
Does that help?

Isn't there a way to get your web browser to launch links in the app?

Protect the IMDb app from being optimised and just switch to it when you want to search?

Thanks for the replies.  It seems to be a Google+ feature.  If I select text
and press the Cmd Key I get a Menu and one of the choices is IMDB. Clicking
that works as expected.   :Thmbsup:


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