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RemotePC - the unfree version for $6.95 the first year


Steven Avery:

May be a way to diversify from Teamviewer.  Both have a free option, some comparisons in order.

Haven't looked for anything else after discovering appears to be the place where fed up programmers from Teamviewer end up. I use that software to connect a system, where I can connect with other systems I need to have access to. Similar to a step-stone server setup if you will.

Because of that one connection AnyDesk is very lenient. That software will bother you to get their commercial variant when you have lots of different computers you frequently connect to, because that usually means you are using this software in a business environment and in those cases AnyDesk does want to see money for the services they provide.

It's a tiny download, fast and free for lots of use cases. You can even use it without installing the software permanently, if that is a thing you desire. By "ticking all these boxes" I had and have no desire to look for anything else.

Perhaps AnyDesk can mean the same to you. Or not, of course.

Disclaimer: There is no affiliation between AnyDesk and my person, just being a happy user.

Steven Avery:
Yes, I have AnyDesk on my PC, so I will put it on the Laptop and test, also with the iPad.  I still have not hit any walls with Teamviewer, but I want to be ready.

I won't do the RemotePC, they have your credit card for automatic renewal if you forget.  Maybe if the card expires during the year.


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