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Looking for a scrolling rich-text displayer to show an AUP

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I want to display an Acceptable Use Policy (rich text) in a scrollable window with OK and Cancel buttons (return different error codes). Has anyone seen such a program here?

To clarify, you want a simple window that displays an RTF file and has just the two buttons (OK and Cancel) at the bottom?  When you say scrolling, do you mean it auto-scrolls the text or did you mean it simply has a vertical scrollbar?

Creating an installer, f.e. using InnoSetup, that doesn't actually install anything, could provide you with that.

Btw, when(/how) should this AUP be shown?

Hello, i have absolute no idea what you want to have.
Can you append a sample file that you want to read?
A small window that can read RTF aint a problem.
But what should buttons OK and CANCEL do ?

Please explain a bit more and i am glad to help you too  :D

I believe the poster wants to be able to call this program from his script, to present the user with a window with a license/policy to read, and then make the user choose ACCEPT or DECLINE (cancel), and then read the return code from the program to know which choice the user made.


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