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Mouser Android Apps Updated 11/14/18

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I've updated most of my Android apps to allow for custom independent font scaling in portrait and landscape mode.  This can make a real difference in terms of readability on phones.
You can see all (10) of my android apps on the google play store here:

How can I change the font-color of the widgets?
For PBOL it changed to smt rather dark, so now it's barely readable on my darkish-blue background image. Can't find that option in the settings...

click on the widget title to change the settings.
Are you saying the new version messed with your widget colors that were different in a previous version?

Well, the setting to override the 'default' font color doesn't seem to be applied. The setting itself does stick though.

Yeah the widget foreground color option is new and isn't used in my apps yet, other than for Point Motivator.

I ran into a weird issue I couldn't find a solution to (if I set a foreground text color in an Android RemoteViews from WidgetProvider, it doesn't reset to default when the widget is rebuilt, meaning I have to FORCE the foreground text color, and I can't figure out how to force it to default color).

I just want to make sure you aren't saying I broke something in the PBOL widget or changed its default color.


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