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placing pre-fab HTML pages online (e.g the Rightnote Webbook)

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Steven Avery:
Certain tools will give you "pre-fab" HTML.

Rightnote is an example, with their WebBook

This gives you a very nice HTML page that reads like your Rightnote, with Folders, Sub-folders and Tabs.
The Rightnote architecture allows you to keep a lot of information in a compact page.
In some cases you might even like it for a 3rd party information use.

Now, lets say you want this page on the web.

In my case I have a good host, good support, a vBulletin forum and the ability to add urls at no incremental cost.
And I can purchase a domain for this purpose.

Is the best way simply to automate an upload? 
I think I would have to add a privacy-security aspect, and that might complicate the endeavor. How much?

Or is there a good 3rd party tool that will host a webpage on their domain, at minimal cost, and possibly include the privacy aspect?

The idea here is to make sure I always have easy access to the information, can regen it every week or day, and do not have to be dependent on remote applications like Teamviewer.

Granted, RightNote has another method, involving Evernote, which I hope to get working some day.  However, I like the webbook idea. (They also have a mobile, which is more for Android.)

Your thoughts welcome !


Depends on what you mean by private, if you want to restrict access through a browser it is best to go with tried and truue htpasswd (obviously if server is running apache). That protects access through a browser but not if someone accesses the site or database through a server opening, unplugged security issue. Unless you control your own server (dedicated server for example) that is very much a host quality question as to whether a server is up to date with security advisories and reports.

About RightNote et al, that is I am sure a preference issue and uploading it can may be automated depending on the software used.

You could do something a little unorthodox like store it in your free, private KBFS cloud storage. Only you could access it because it would be encrypted with your private keys

Steven Avery:

I could learn htpasswd if I do it myself.

With Keybase, I see lots about chat and teams, not a way to upload HTML files to have an accessible page.  Am I missing something?

With Keybase, I see lots about chat and teams, not a way to upload HTML files to have an accessible page.  Am I missing something?
-Steven Avery (November 08, 2018, 01:31 AM)
--- End quote ---

This link explains the basic concepts pretty well, and don't get scared off simply because it shows some command-line stuff. The process is very doable with simple drag and drop in your explorer.

After you install the Keybase app, you will get what appears to be a "network drive" on your computer. Just store the HTML pages on that drive and you will be able to access them from anywhere on the internet. Use the public folder for things that anybody can see. Use the private folder for things that only you can see.


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