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Old School 'Sniffing' Attacks Can Still Reveal Your Browsing History


Not anything to get super worked up about but interesting..

The way that major browsers store history and structure links leaves them vulnerable to old school ‘sniffing’ attacks...Most modern browsers—such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and even browsers such as FuzzyFox and DeterFox (different, security-focused versions of Firefox)—have vulnerabilities that allow hosts of malicious websites to extract hundreds to thousands of URLs in a user’s web history..What’s worse, the vulnerabilities are built into the way they structure links, meaning that major structural changes will have to take place in these browsers in order to protect user privacy...By embedding a special script in a web page, the actor can test how long it takes for a web page to load and infer whether you’ve visited it or not. Actors can probe 3,000 URLs per second with this method.

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They would know how often I visit DC  :o


They would know how often I visit DC  :o

-rgdot (November 05, 2018, 11:25 AM)
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If anybody is reading mine, I look like I'm obsessed with memes, DC, and Italian grammar websites  :huh:


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