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IDEA: Drag Drop renamer

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I was using "move".-magician62 (November 05, 2018, 07:25 AM)
--- End quote ---

Are you moving them to a different drive?  If so, that's the same thing as a copy and will typically take longer than moving files to a different location on the same drive (which, as 4wd mentioned, is just renaming the file).

Files have no need to move. Rename is in same location.

The code used is

--- ---# DND-Rename.ps1
for ($i = 1; $i -lt $args.Count; $i++) {
Move-Item $args[$i] ($args[$i] -replace "(\.[^.]+$)", "$($args[0])`$1")

Have encountered an occasional issue with larger batches.

Though have not been able to narrow down. The number of files it will process seems to vary I started at 1000 error. Stepped down to around 300 error, then dropped close to above 255, worked Went back to 400, worked.
All filenames are of the same length.

Now it gets weird. The time taken for similar size batches is varying quite wildly, so something else must be going on.

You could try to disable your antivirus... that is usually adding a lot of unpredictability to Windows' responsetimes. :o

Windows has a command line length limit.

Dropping too many files on it at once can exceed that limit.

But seems weird that it disallows then allows the same number.

Not sure whether Windows will break it into multiple commands.


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