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Help with VPN Recommendation


I have Zenmate subscription for last one year which is due this January. I want to buy alternative VPN subscription that can play Netflix US (my Netflix sub is India specific so I can't watch few US specific shows due to regional distribution limitation). The issue with zenmate is that US based servers are too much in demand and they are extremely slow. Some of them don't work with netflix streaming either.

So any suggestion on VPN? if any VPN has lifetime or 2 or 5 years offer discounted plan that would be good too.

ProtonVPN has specifically Netflix-compatible VPN servers for paid users.

Windscribe have dedicated USA/UK Netflix exit gateways and you can usually pick up a Lifetime deal on StackSocial - $59 currently, has been better in the past, ($39).

I use Windscribe, they have been very good but I don't use the Netflix nodes so can't comment on them.

Another alternative if you only require a single VPN exit solution for the USA is to get a cheap VPS in the USA and run a VPN on it, (as low as $7 or $8 per year with current Halloween specials), single user from a single IP is unlikely to get blocked - it's how I've accessed UK stuff for the last few years.

I use Private Internet Access (PIA) with Netflix all the time. Every once in awhile I get that blocked notice in Netflix, but not usually. When I do, I just switch locations in their app till I find one that works. (They have 14 US locations to choose from).

They are also P2P friendly, so if you are using torrents or Popcorn Time, you won't get into any trouble with them. And PIA has a no logging policy that will not track or monitor traffic logs, or communication logs, so if anyone knocks on their door with a court order to find out your identity, based on your IP and activities, PIA won't have anything to give them. And they pass all the customary leak tests.

They have a 2 year plan costing $69.95 USD. Or you can pick up a single month for $6.95 USD to test it out. They accept all major credit cards, Paypal, BTC, and most major gift cards (Target, Starbucks, Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.). So, if you do stuff on the internet that earns rewards in the form of a gift card, you can use those gift cards to pay for your VPN service.


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