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Windows 10: merge the bugs now, we'll fix them later

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Tried re-enabling it through Windows Features, had a few reboots since, still doesn't work.

Tried re-enabling through PowerShell also.

Tbh, don't miss it that much for that device since it connects faster through FTP and I can use multiple credentials concurrently, (always had to clear them under Windows to access another account share on the device).

Haven't touched latest Win10 update but previously the only 'major' (I would call it major) issue I have had  - sample size of several pcs upgraded from 7 or clean installs - is Recent Items being broken. A while ago I posted about it a few places including here, finally after not finding a solution I turned it off on the problem pc.
Frankly Linux Mint updates have broken more things for me, coincidentally Samba more than once, unfixable after trying purge/uninstall/reinstall/edit conf file ...


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