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NANY 2019 - AudioMarker: Language Learning - Pre-Release

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Thanks for getting back to me.
In the import files list in my screenshot, you can see several mp3 files I've imported. Each is for either one word or a short phrase.
To get to the state you see in the screenshot, I:
1. Imported the media files
2. Typed a native phrase
3. Typed a Foreign phrase
4. Highlighted  "vietnamese_and_you.mp3 in the import media list
5. Clicked "Add To List.

I was expecting to see info for "Track" and "File" filled in, in the relevant columns after step 5.
I was expecting that I'd be able to click on the arrowhead to the left of the "and you" line in the list and the mp3 would play after step 5.

Maybe your program doesn't work like this, I don't know and was asking.
-tsaint (December 18, 2018, 07:19 PM)
--- End quote ---

Ahh...I see what you mean.  AM only fills in the track and time info when you have a track playing.  This is purely because it needs a track to be playing in order to know what you want to add, and the time to add to it.  The "Arrow" you mention, isn't anything I have coded myself - it's just a part of the dataGrid you see the info in - that arrow simply selects the line (think of it basically like an Excel file) - It's not a play button  :P  There is no way (at least...none that I know of) to turn that into a play button.  I'd be happy to look though.

I'm actually coding on AM in my spare time as I am having to focus on jobs that are putting money in my pocket (a man has to eat) - so I can't promise any sort of timeline, but I can promise that I will look into it as soon as I can!

No worries, and again, thanks. Meanwhile, I'll try thinking about how to change my approach to conform to AudioMarker.


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