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Focus issue when capturing


Hi Gang,

First post here, so apologies if this has already been asked. I did do a quick search but didn't note a topic that covered it.

I have SC configured so that it defaults to doing a Selected Region capture, but sometimes when I press PrtScrn on the keyboard, SC doesn't activate until I click somewhere on the desktop and then hit the PrtScrn button again. What's frustrating is that other times it will, so I'm finding it difficult to nail down what causes it to fail at times and provide steps to reproduce the problem  :)

Has anyone experienced this phenomenon before and figured out what causes it to happen?

Many thanks, Andrew

interesting would be, what have you focused (where is caret) while you press hotkey.
it might be possible that something got focus that eat all your hotkey tries.

what i meant to say, from programmers point of view, a program can override a hotkey in its own thread/process.
mousers wonderful screenshot app set global hotkeys, such can be blocked/reassigned/overwritten from within other applications.
thats why it would be good to know what is focused/got caret when pressing hotkey. this would give a reproducable clue i hope.

terminating other applications that you started after screenshot capter was loaded, one by one to find the disturbing enemy, that would i also try.


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