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Could use some help with a script for


I am a book broker, and I really find the web link Captor useful.  However, what I am not is a python scripter, lol. 

Is there anyone who is willing to make a script for me that will check ISBN numbers in a few other websites and return all of the information in back to me on the web link captor screen.  Amazon is already one of the results built into the program, but I don't know how to get the price result other than going to the website once the link is generated.


something like this...

Bridges to Literature, Level 2, Teacher's Edition: Jane ...    used 14.95   new 26.95
Bridges to Literature, Level 2, Teacher's Edition: Jane ... Bookscouter    used 6.00     new 24.11
Bridges to Literature, Level 2, Teacher's Edition  8.00 

I really don't know if this can even be done, or if it would be easier to design something similar to this program that better suits what I am trying to accomplish.   I like the interface and ease of web link Captor because I can just scan an entire list of ISBN numbers into it and hit the button. 

All/any help would be appreciated. 

Hi grabber.

I am sorry it's taken so long to reply.  Web Link Captor is one of those programs of mine that i worked very hard on but never seem to get any traction.  Even I only have rare occasion to use it.
What you are asking could be done with a python script -- but i don't have time to code it myself.


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