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SOLVED: Zip set archive time to latest file

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please provide more information like how do you calculate checksum?
on a quick self test and using 7z as checksum checker, all is fine/same value = archive itself got same CRC.
when using external tools to calculate a CRC there might be troubles because they read whole file as something to calculate, and a different timestamp will always result in a different CRC since the stamp itself is part of file.

I re-tested again with same results tho since you commented that no checksum was modified in your side. I just uninstalled/installed 7zip again and rebooted the desktop.
After that new tests are in line with yours, no hashes modified, so far so good.
Thanks for keep responding to me Kode.
For the record, MD5 and SHA-1 were calculated from within Directory Opus.

great to hear that you succeeded!

best wishes,


To complete the information for future readers...

rar. exe only supports RAR format.
I was pointed to use winrar.exe in command line mode.



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