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Yes, the PDF-XChange Pro bundle will be promo'd on Bits du Jour later this month. So keep watch for it as we usually only run promotions on our software once a year and through BDJ.-Tracker X-Change PDF
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At $93.50 as the normal price, a discount only once a year, may be worth keeping an eye on.
You can order a Look Up! email at

Today they are offering 30% discount on the normal Editor: $30.45 $43.50:

$65.45 $93.50 26. Oct 2018

I am disappointed the discount merely is 30% off.

$65.45 $93.50 26. Oct 2018

I am disappointed the discount merely is 30% off.

-Curt (October 26, 2018, 06:45 AM)
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That lines up with the prior discount on just the editor, doesn't it?

then I am twice disappointed, ain't I.

Steven Avery:
The Soda PDF Desktop 10 Premium is what I picked up from Bits du Jour.

You go Get this Deal and it is the $59 one. (Be careful not to get the ANYWHERE subscription stuff.)
Soda PDF 10 - Premium Lifetime License

And I don't think they ever took it off sale...

Note: this does not include the OCR, (if you need it on an occasional month you can get it on subscription for $20.)

The company and product seems quite good.  So far I have only used the reader, which is well designed, I plan to make PDFs shortly.
It is possible that XChange Pro has more moving parts.

I have used PDF-XChange a lot over the years.


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