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ScreenShotCaptor at 4K resolution

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By your description it sounds like you're only getting screenshots at a resolution of 1920x1080. But I use Screenshot Captor all the time to get captures larger than that.

I just made one that is 4480x1440 by pressing Alt-PrtScr.

Do you by chance have it configured to capture only a predefined area on the screen? Try using the Menu to capture your entire workspace and see if that gets an image of the appropriate size.

I tried yesterday afternoon (22.20.2018 18:00 CET). It was as described then. ScreenshotCaptor catched only one quarter of the screen.
Now, early in the morning or at night (23.20.2018 02:44), it works perfectly again.
Very sorry, but I think I have to get used to my new equipiment before posting here. >:( >:(

No worries. It may have been that if the resolution changed after SC was already running, that it didn't adjust itself to the new resolution until you restarted.

@mouser: ...and the autostart-problem has vanished as well. Although I can´t say why. Might probably have to do with the way I installed SC. I wasn´t aware of windows-login and admin-login, "run as admin" respectively  :) :up:


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