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SOLVED: Zip set archive time to latest file

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The goal is to change time/date to the latest file inside a zip archive.
As a reference. winrar has a command to do this tho it just works for rars
> rar.exe ch -tl

I've searched the web but did not find anything similar for zips.
I'll greatly appreciate if someone would like to help me with this petition.
Thanks for reading!

i found during a quick search this.
no worry, it is written in english for sevenzip application.

is that okay for you?

if link goes down, heres carbon copy

--- ----stl (Set archive timestamp from the most recently modified file) switch
If -stl switch is specified, 7-Zip sets timestamp for archive file as timestamp from the most recently modified file in that archive.

7z u a.7z -stl *.txt
Commands that can be used with this switch
a (Add), d (Delete), rn (Rename), u (Update)

Yes! thank you Kode,

I must have some sight/comprehension issues, yesterday I was looking exactly for this with negative results.
Thanks again for the time it took to help me.  :)

i just searched for "7zip commandline", landed in japan and clicked my way into.
you are welcome  :Thmbsup:

Hello again,

I've been experimenting with this 7zip command and while Kode's answer has fullfiled my initial question I'd like to add a bit of complexity to it.
As far as I tested it seems the proposed 7zip command/syntax does alter the archive checksum when changing the timestamp (winrar maintains the original checksum for rar archives).
So anyone knows an alternative syntax or tool (preferably a command line one to be used within another script) to achieve the desired results?

Thanks for reading!


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