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DONE: copy my wallpaper's full title

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No, that wasn't it.

I am now using the flawless version 1 (32-bit).

did you update registry with the new builds?
they have now 32/64 inside name.

to update registry run OpenWallpaper32/64.exe as Administrator and choose [YES]

i just want to be sure.

I always unregister before removal. Sometimes I might even try to unregister again, just to make sure. Now, did I really close the door? It is always closed, but I will check it all the same.

But just for you, I will now unregister and reboot.

no deinstallation / system reboot / removal needed.
but running .exe once as Admin an click [YES] is required.


a quicktest, run "OpenWallpaper32/64.exe -open" and check what file is loaded.

but running .exe once as Admin an click [YES] is required.-KodeZwerg (October 13, 2018, 05:10 PM)
--- End quote ---

^ yes, that was what I was trying to tell that I have been doing every time. The new one will register, but when used via a Desktop Rightclick command, it will not search for a picture, but will open the "What app will you use to open this unknown file format?" box.


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