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DONE: copy my wallpaper's full title

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, maybe i'll include the idea of 4wd as well,
.... let me suprise you :)
-KodeZwerg (October 12, 2018, 04:33 AM)
--- End quote ---

no, NO!  :o   :(   
I swear, I already have plenty of screen-savers and wallpaper-changers. Please at least keep keep such projects apart from "IDEA: copy my wallpaper's full title"!

if I focus on it now, it will be done very quickly.
of course, I respect your wishes.
after all, only you should be happy with it and no one else.
i still have a few problems how to create submenus, but otherwise the scaffolding already stands.
it is now a console application that performs a mini installation at the first start.
so you do not need to worry about it anymore.
if there are any wishes to consider, now would be the perfect moment to tell me this.

FYI / to clarify:
app will have no window/GUI
app will just driven by desktop context menu
menu will have "Copy Filename" "Open in Explorer" "Open Image" "Remove Menu" submenus that instant do its job without further clicks.
nothing more, nothing less.

Sounds like kodezwerg has another NANY 2019 entry..

if you say so i will extend to a better/more to all compatible variant.
this build in here fully belong to "Re: IDEA: copy my wallpaper's full title" request  :Thmbsup:

some bad news, by reading microsoft developer network how to create sub menus within a context menu, i would need to create a contextmenuhandler .dll file to realize.
my option to have it faster done, i will add either several main menus or i place them inside "Send To", i think there i can create submenus as simple folders.

so it is up to you wich way to go.
aslong you dont have choosen, i read for educational purposes more about contextmenuhandlers to be prepared :-)


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