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DONE: copy my wallpaper's full title

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The wallpaper changer in Windows 10 (PC desktop version) is so good that I have stopped using any thing else. Sadly, it doesn't display any information! I really miss knowing the title / filename, so I know what to search for if anything should be changed. When would I know that? Yes, when I see the picture.

I am hoping for one or two features only. Maybe a keyboard shortcut, that will copy the address and filename of the relevant wallpaper "now". Or maybe an icon (in the tray) with a pop-up message when mouse pointed at.


Do you mean a traybar icon thats able to show registry value of "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Wallpaper" ?

apparently not, for my RegEdit doesn't know of such address... I can follow you to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop, but none of the available choices include a picture filename.

As far as I can see, or can't see, Windows doesn't care about the filename, like in the old days when every wallpaper first was renamed to wallpaper.bmp, because the first action now is to rename and transcode the wallpaper: TranscodedWallpaper


But nowhere did I find the actual file name.

please beta test this Demo App

i cannot attach/upload here, connection interrupts.
tell me if it does what you want.
absolut alpha version, no extras, just application function test.

if the line has nothing to show, please try run app as administrator.



eh, Yes, it does what I asked for, if it can do what it is suggesting... So far this demo does what I said it would do, it gives me the path to the TranscodedWallpaper. But we don't want that, because nobody knows what filename that has in real life, and here it is merely "TranscodedWallpaper". Are you saying you can make the finished app "translate" the word TranscodedWallpaper into the actual file name?

Remember that the TranscodedWallpaper file is a transcoded copy of one of the many picture files in the system folder Pictures. The answer to my request will include a filename from that folder.
In fact, the answer to my request will be a filename from that folder.


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