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irccloud-desktop source code patching and compiling request if possible

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All okay, i try on my own with micro efforts :)
For my first request i found out that desktop version has this feature but dont use it in a good way.
Existing feature can show an icon in SysTray, but icon has no indicator, so pretty useless ATM, just present.

for myself bad news. i cannot do what i want to do. (the badges thing)
the irccloud client is a webbrowser, it gather its full display in realtime from server (just like running its service with regular browser)
for me this is too heavy to do on my own (get html, modify html, send html to final display its content)
on the other hand, i might try to realize that with delphi by using public avail API.
by doing this i will have the traybar icon fixed aswell, just need to get handy with that API.

That said, feel free to close/remove this thread.


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