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irccloud-desktop source code patching and compiling request if possible

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Hello gifted coders here on DC,

i would like to request somethink hopefully usefull for the masses.
I cannot patch/compile source on my own, i have no idea about that used language (Electron app framework).

I have two wishes that could be very usefull for windows users,
a notification area icon that got different overlays to quick report status,
a minimize to tray and not to taskbar like it is now.
With Status i mean, like a blue dot = connected, white dot = someone wrote in a room, orange = someone whispered or named you, red = disconnected

The second feature, in room listings, i would like to have a counter added that display missed text.
If you are in room #foobar and in room #barfoo, #barfoo is currently visible, i do not see anywhere if someone wrote new stuff in #foobar

The Sourcecode can be found here on GitHub
A pre-compiled Windows binaries installer can be downloaded here: (Warning, this link leads direct to a .exe file download!)

Me hopes someone can help because authors do not react and the app itself is very cool :)

It seems you haven't filed a change request (or 2) in their issue tracker, and developers are known for their lazy response towards email, so maybe you could try that tracker first?
The language is Javascript, and that is quite comprehendable for a Delphi-guy (I say as a former Delphi-dev), it might require a little studying of that Electron library, but that is to be expected.

I attached to issue tracker an long existing entry with no replay.
And yes, i am overstrained on my own, in hope someone might know what to do i've requested this.

If it helps, i could show with Delphi Code what i like to have implemented, but porting code to that used and adding at correct location, whoa, i am scared.

By using that app more and more and understand things better, i found out that the second wish is kind already integrated but limited to your Name.
Then behind #channel a red bubble with amount of missed text lines appear.
Normal way the app handle regular new missed messages is that its #channel now displayed bold, app has got no good contrast so i do not recoqnize something, if the bubble solution can be adopted for regular messages, that would be great.

If it helps, i could show with Delphi Code what i like to have implemented, ...
-KodeZwerg (October 07, 2018, 12:11 PM)
--- End quote ---
I hope I didn't give you the impression I'd be working on this, as I'm not. I don't (like to) do Javascript development... :-[


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