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Problem for very strong brains

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Is it only me, or does anyone else at DC think that we are asked to do the homework for the Excel course he is taking (only he didn't mention Excel in this specific request)...  :P-Shades (October 05, 2018, 09:46 PM)
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Yep, he's trying to subcontract out his homework.

Any opinions?
I have some ideas but would like some input first.-kalos (October 05, 2018, 05:26 PM)
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Wrong way round, you give us your ideas and someone may respond with suggestions/opinions otherwise we end up possibly duplicating effort which is not efficient, (not to mention the likelihood of no response to any suggestion/opinion is rather high given previous interactions).

Main problem stays the same, unable to open and read a book.-KodeZwerg (October 06, 2018, 01:10 AM)
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@kalos: It seems you might be posing typical problems in CPA (Critical Path Analysis).
I would therefore suggest that you do a (or search for:

* (a) optimising the critical path - e.g., result here.
* (b) optimising the management of resources (optimisation of resource planning/utilisation) - e.g., result here.
Also worth referring to is the excellent Microsoft Office Project YYYY Inside Out training package on CD.
Here, for example, is the summary of what's in it, from the Complete eBook of the Microsoft Office Project 2003 Inside Out version:
What’s on the CD
Your Inside Out CD includes the following:

* ●    Complete eBook.  In this section, you’ll find an electronic version of Microsoft Office Project 2003 Inside Out. The eBook is in PDF format.
* ●    Project Standard Trial.  In this section, you’ll find a trial version of Microsoft Office Project 2003 Standard Edition.
* ●    Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition eBook.  Here you’ll find the full electronic version of the Microsoft Computer Dictionary, Fifth Edition. Suitable for home and office, the dictionary contains more than 10,000 entries.
* ●    Insider Extras.  This section includes files the author selected for you to install and use as additional reference material.
* ●    Microsoft Resources.  In this section, you’ll find information about additional resources from Microsoft that will help you get the most out of Microsoft Office Project and other business software from Microsoft.
* ●    Extending Project.  In this section, you’ll find great information about third-party utilities and tools you use to further enhance your experience with Office Project 2003.The Companion CD provides detailed information about the files on this CD and links to
Microsoft and third-party sites on the Internet. All the files on this CD are designed to be
accessed through Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.01 or later).

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The Complete eBook on its own (without the CD) is very useful, and you might well be able to lay hands on a hardcopy or .PDF file of that in a corporate training department, corporate library or public lending library.

Interesting Iain, I will have a look thanks!

No, it's not homework, it's real life problems for which I would just like opinions.

I developed a model, but I was wondering if there is a specialised tool or methodology.


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