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I'm getting married, wish me luck!

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Congratulations, I wish you guys all the best!

So happy to hear that you're getting married after 50(!) years together. Congratulations indeed!

I showed this thread to "mrs.mouser" and she was very moved to see such warm wishes and happy thoughts for us  :-*
Thank you all for your lovely sentiments.

How did I miss this thread?! Congratulations! :-*

Best wishes to the newly married couple! I wish Mrs and Mr Mouser much joy, happiness and love! May good luck always be with you!

Excuse my ignorance but who is Cody?
-smaragdus (December 03, 2018, 07:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

Cody is the site mascot - the little bird you see at the top of each page :)


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