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I'm getting married, wish me luck!

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In the 13 years of DonationCoder, I've been pretty reticent about talking about my own personal life.
It's not that I don't view everyone here as family -- it's just a general shyness and reluctance to talk about personal details.

But I wanted to share with my donationcoder family that I am getting married next week.

 :-* :-*

It's definitely not something I expected to be doing a year ago, but we found ourselves in a rather unusual situation after a couple years of dating where we were either going to be separated on different continents or try to make it work as a married couple, and we've finally decided on the latter.  After almost 50 years it's a very different kind of adventure we're embarking on, and I'm excited about it and wanted to share it with all of you...

(I hope this explains why I may not have been on the forum as much as usual over the last couple of months -- but I hope to be back to my normal activity later this month).

It's just a court wedding so don't expect any fancy photos, and there's no reception to attend, but here is a photo of us during a recent hiking trip (I'm on the left!):

Bonus points: Can anyone identify where the photo was taken?

Wish you both all the best :-*

 :) :-*

All the best, congrats

Congratulations and best wishes! I'll throw some rice and bird seed in your honor!
Looks to me like the picture was taken out doors.  Did I win?   :D

Congratulations, mouser! :-*

I'm going to guess the Smoky Mountains.


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