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WARNING (maybe) against REVO 4 pricing


I am too upset to speak, so I will just whisper it: Warning: Annual Subscription is (usually) expensive.

Your REVO version 3 has a "version 3" -license that included every update for several years. The new version 4 license will merely give you a year or two, or subscription.

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WARNING (maybe) against REVO 4 pricing
Link if you have a license:
Link for new customers:

The subscription is apparently so expensive, that they don't even dare to tell the cost. Or am I to be pleasantly surprised? I doubt it.
The subscription cost is told if you buy the program. My price (as already a customer) was $20 for two years, and then $20 every second year => $10 per year. $15 per year, if you merely pay for a year. An okay price, maybe, so maybe, just maybe, I am pleasantly surprised after all.

yet another after-edit:
It really must be said: Version 4 will launch and be ready a lot quicker than version 3.  :up:

Is your current Revo 3 "lifetime edition", hmmm how to say, crippled? I mean not working anymore?
Technical support is always given for registered users.

If new features are added in Revo 4 that you cant live any longer without having them, its just fair to pay the company or look for an alternate.

Ps: Maby you can email them to get a upgrade offer, as a formerly happy Revo 3 registered User.

Your "bad english" makes me forgive you missing the point: the pricing is now per year, not per version's number


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