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Help with DC IRC Chat Server please, Thank you. [solved]

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That sound plausible, still a bit confusing if you start with given server and nothing happen, just a "failed to connect".
Your "chat." prefix works for me very good, it chooses during connect another server, at least i can connect.
Now i need to figure out how i can send a message in that room, registered to that network i am.

do i need to type a command infront of text so its going into chat?
-KodeZwerg (September 30, 2018, 08:18 AM)
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No. :)

ATM i am more than helpless. I keep getting - Cannot send to nick/channel (#donationcoder), whatever i type.
I am in nettalk client in room #donationcoder, a ChanServ whispered me on entering, at that point i cant do anything.
By looking connected People, i see that there are Admins with @ symbol, Users with + sign and me where just name is shown.

Do i need to register somewhere else to be able to actually write something?

I haven't checked lately, but it might be that you need + in the channel to speak.

I haven't checked lately, but it might be that you need + in the channel to speak.
-Tuxman (September 30, 2018, 09:24 AM)
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If i just would know how to gain or see legends of what what means. Or what rights i currently have in that room.
So many questions if youre interested new to that materia and things dont selfexplain itself enough, at least the error line is nice red displayed even if useless if you dont know what you've done wrong at that point.

Thank you for your time and trying to help me!


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