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How has everyone been?

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Paul Keith:
Haven't been following anyone here in years but I think AppApp is in the big leagues now. (Could no longer find the old Cranial Soup blog articles)

Not sure about tomos, 40hz, mouser and IainB and every other DC members I rarely converse with but may have used their software like skwire.

@Paul Keith: Eyebinallrightmon. Howubin?
EDIT: Corrected spellin: Eyebinallritemon. Howubin?

Paul Keith:
Rough but kicking. Had to unearth some old posts of mine for this thread:

So I thought I'd check in with everyone.

Are there many hikikomoris in here? Wow, guess I fit in then.  8)

Been one for 2 years. I remember watching Welcome to the NHK in my early adolescence and wondering if it would happen to me.

Not that I worry about it. Given the race to the bottom that goes on, it is only to be expected that some people will opt out.

Paul Keith:
Well I'm the only person I know of that associated with the term in this forum back when I was active but not many Hikkis are active online posters. Even I mostly have tons of posts cause of GOE and my ignorance of software concepts and found a home here in DC.


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