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Vivaldi and Multiple User Profiles

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I use Vivaldi as my daily driver. I used to use the profiles in Chrome, which I found useful. But I just gave up on the idea of multiple profiles when I switched to Vivaldi. :(

If I need to login to the same site I'm already logged into with different credentials, I just ctrl-shift-N to open a new private window and let my password manager do its thing to make it easy to login. Either that or I use Firefox for the alternate logins.

Obviously that's not nearly as convenient as having a separate profile, but it does the job.

Well, now that Firefox is thrown in :), this FF plugin sounds usable in this case:

Steven Avery:
Well, now that Firefox is thrown in :), this FF plugin sounds usable in this case:
-Ath (September 25, 2018, 01:20 AM)
--- End quote ---
Firefox seems to like this add-on. However, they point out that it lacks a major feature that was in "Tab Groups", which is showing you only the Tabs that relate to the Current Group (and perhaps the non-Grouped Tabs?)

I like the basic idea, not so much for credentials, but for only seeing the relevant 5-10 Tabs.  Esepecially since we do not have the rows of Roomy Bookmarks (except maybe on Pale Moon and Waterfox.)  Generally, I only use browsers that work with Linkman, but that can usually be arranged. I have decided that I will pass on Firefox pre-Quantum for a number of reasons.  Just not stable enough, not secure enough, and no real advantages over Pale Moon and Waterfox.

So who, what browser and extension, has the best Tab Group or Container implementation that ONLY shows the Tabs of the Current Group?
(And optionally non-Grouped Tabs, although they could be put in Miscellaneious)

Ideally, the Tabs in Groups not active will be asleep.

The information has to be saved on a reboot for the next session. - even on a crash or a PsKill. 


I also see that pinned tabs can help.  So I want either -
-- remembrance of pinned tabs to a future session
-- auto loading of five-ten pins (presumably I could use iMacro, or some other Macro)


Your thoughts.  I don't mind using Quantum any more.  Chrome I use for all my Applicationize Tab bars. I have not really put them in competition. I think Firefox may have had trouble keeping their code base stable enough and improving enough when they went to the Chrome-Clone realm.



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