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SmartPhone battery "hot swap" and charge info


I have a couple of smart phone battery questions.  A link to an explanation is fine in each case as my searches have not stumbled upon any concise explanations:

1) Smart phone "hot swap" - what exactly it gains you.  Do you have to shut the phone down to swap etc.?

2) Wireless charging.  Can you lay batteries on a charge plate or do they have to be inside a phone or other gizmo that provides a charging circuit?

I am getting by for the moment with a vanilla Alcatel smart phone but I may be tempted to buy something more advanced in the future.  I am curious about these features but web articles I find seem to assume the reader already knows the details.

As far as I know, any smart phone has circuitry build into itself that regulates the charging of the battery. Granted, some more feature-rich circuitry than others.

Wireless charging will require the battery to be connected in the phone and the phone in the charging field of the wireless charger device.

My phone has support for charging wireless, but never used it. Heck, I have used the original wired charger only once. I always slow-charge using an USB slot from my PC's. Haven't had to change a battery once in several Nokia (dumb and smart) phones, or Huawei phone or Kyocera phones (my current ones are both: Kyocera Brigadier). And on average I use a phone for 3 to 4 years. Had a daily driver Nokia 5530 for almost 6 years. Still had the original battery in its original shape and still lasted 4 to 5 days on a charge.

From the 6 phones I bought here in Paraguay, none of them needed a battery change. Slow-charging has been good to me, so I am not inclined to go and buy a wireless charging device, which are expensive here in the city. About 50 USD for a no-name brand is the cheapest one I could find.

Thanks for the reply Shades.  :Thmbsup:


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