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Big Data tools

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I want to also be able to view the content,
-kalos (September 14, 2018, 12:36 PM)
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Well, you could just buy EmEditor, it's not that expensive, or EditPad Pro, that does also handle really big files with ease.

For a freebee, check out the really old, and a bit harsh to download, MadEdit, it opened a > 20GB file without a hitch, and supports regex search and replace.

Like I suggested above, and me and others before, it would really get you more helpful answers if you specify what you want, need and desire complete instead of letting us pull those details with pliers, in the dark >:(


You can try those and see if any satisfy your need.

From those, my personal recommendation is EmEditor, 010, or LogExpert.

I don't know what processes means, however in that context.  And on this Ath is correct.  You want better recommendations, give better requirements.


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