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absolute (rather than relative) time zone


I saw this suggested Advanced time format on Reddit for displaying 2 clocks (

W-5:nn              HH:nn\\n"    UTC             UTC+5"

But it's based on relative time zone. If you travel and have to change time zone, your extra clock's time will be in the wrong time zone.

I would like to show the current time zone plus an absolute time zone (i.e., one that doesn't change when I change the system time zone). I can't see any way to do this in the T-Clock help file.

Any ideas?


unfortunately, it's currently not possible to use UTC (absolute) offsets.
Those relative offsets are all it can do for now. (and they only adjust the hour, not the displayed day / any date format)

Here's a feature request regarding UTC: #154
I might consider to implement it soon though... after the next final release and without the format rewrite I had planned... but I guess one more format shouldn't hurt that much :P (and it's taking me way to long to do anything anyway)

Thanks for the clarification. That would be a great feature to have. Thanks for considering it!


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