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[Nany 2019] Music Player [work in Progress]


Hello there, i plan to create a bigger Project that handle Audiofiles of many types, based on Bass.dll Library and all its Plugins.

In that project, besides the general "Playback" ability, there will be GUI developement as main focus.
I do not want to copy WinAMP, but many of its features will be found in my creation.
32bit will be Target .exe

Right now it is just an Idea / no code at all is done, just the wish to create it / improve my old Windows 7+ incompatible BassPlay Utility so final product can be run on Windows 10.

I hope you will like what i do, from time to time i will give updates in here, post early previews and collect your wishes/ideas if you tell.

What not is planned yet, since i have right now no idea on how-to, is to setup Internet Apis to Free Databases as additional Information Resource and Music Broadcasts.
Those two things, if at all, are planned when everything else works cool for you and me.

What is planned:
Several Windows to split everything nice up with visible on/off feature.
Main Window will get Graphical Audio Analyzer, small Audio Info, VU-Meters, HiFi-Rack like Buttons.
Other planned Windows are, 10-Band Equalizer, Audio Spectral Scan, DSP-Effects, Filebrowser, Playlist and Configuration.
When those all running good, encoding function will be implemented and ID3-Tag Editing plus extra ID3 stuff like rename files etc...

In a few days i will present first pictures to give you an idea. For now heres a overblown Image from my old Player Tool.[Nany 2019] Music Player [work in Progress]

First Visual Component is ready.

It is hard for me to explain, so here comes a image, it is being used as a realtime VU-to-Screen Display  :D
[Nany 2019] Music Player [work in Progress]

Next Visual Component is ready to 90%, analog VU-Meters, like classic Amps have installed.
Visualisation code is done, object code is nearly done, just one thing is missing to simulate real analog VUs, i have to invent a routine that let the VU continues go back to 0% and only jump direct to values that are higher than current value is. Its easy to say but tricky to make.

Later i want some kind of "swinging" added to that component.

Pictures will follow soon.

KodeZwerg, did you ever finish this?  I'm a sucker for any new audio player that I can try.  =]

KodeZwerg, did you ever finish this?  I'm a sucker for any new audio player that I can try.  =]
-skwire (December 31, 2018, 02:28 PM)
--- End quote ---

I hope he's OK... his last active was before he went on vacation back on the 7th.


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