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Podcast #4 Submission Time!

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The time has come where the 4th Donation Coder podcast needs to start being nailed down and getting prepared for the August Broadcast.

The production of the Podcast has been deligated to JavaJones and me Mukestar (I use the term delegated loosly, as in “Ghengis Khan deligated his way into northern China”)

We`ve got a couple of new idea to introduce a monthly format flavour to the podcast, and turn it into a mean lean podcasting machine (think George Forman grill with a USB connector).

The  podcast can only exist if we can get the continual support from all you  Donation Coder members out there, and this is who we need.

1. YOU
We would like to introduce a monthly feature where a member tells us who they are, where there from, what they do, there first PC, there hates, there loves. You get the idea. An Audio version of the “OK-Lets get to know each other” thread on the forum. So come on tell us who you are, speak out be it funny or serious – its all good.

We want people to give us a concise review of the software they love or loathe, the piece of code they cant live without , the piece of code they cant live with. The best review for a piece of software is from the people who actually use it day to day. Get recording.

More “Man on the street” interviews please
More Interviews full stop
Articles related to the wonderfull world of computers

4. Ranters
Everyone can rant, ranting is good for you. We like rants.

And remember

Just noticed that people where asking about alternative codecs for the cast, not a problem. Vorbis, WMA,IFF,Mp3,Impala,ADPCM,G.726 whatever you like , the masters going to be batched encoded anyhow so not a problem. JavaJones has even volunteered to hand deliver 4-track versions of it 

mukestar and JavaJones have generously agreed to take over the podcast shows -
let's show some appreciation by sumitting segments and helping them make it a good one!  :up:

That's great guys, what a big task to take over.  I'll try to make sure I do my share and keep my portion coming, maybe with some extra music.  Sorry about missing last month, it was a rough couple of weeks for a while, but I'm back on track now.

that's what i was hoping to hear  :Thmbsup:

Hey Guys,  I'd love to do 3 segements for the podcast.

I'm going to do it right now. 

Oh, how do I send them to you... eh never mind.  :P

You are busted.  Where are the helpful instructions for sending our submissions?    :D


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