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DONE: make fullscreen games windowed

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Ok so I was playing a game the other day, and I needed to go back to my internet browser alot, but the game wont let me minimize it, and it doesn't have the ability to make it windowed in the options, or with the -window command. I was wondering if any one knew of a program that would either let me make fullscreen games/programs run windowed, or have a window that I could like run the game inside that would make the game become windowed... let me give an example
DONE: make fullscreen games windowed
(click on that image to make it bigger) As you can see in the picture, calc.exe is inside the notepad, pretend notepad is the program I'm talking about, and calc is a fullscreen game, well you run notepad(the windowed maker) and when you open you hit a button and a box opens, and you goto the .exe of the fullscreen game, and double click on it. The game now loads inside of the notepad(windowed maker program). I hope I am not confusing anyone.

when in full screen (or anywhere in windows), you can press alt+tab to switch to the program you like.

Unfortunately, some games block alt+tab, and other games just crash when you tab back to them.

Adding windowed support to existing games might not be the easiest thing on the world. First you'd have to cope with OpenGL vs. DirectX (probably not DirectDraw vs. Direct3D though). Then, at least for DX, there's the problem that some features only work in fullscreen mode - so if the game does error checking on API calls, it might abort.

@Kimmchii, notice I said it wouldn't let me minimize
@f0dder If I make certain games windowed and they do error checking they would abort? So I wouldn't be able to fix my problem? that stinks, well thanks anyways

Run in wmware


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